Zoom Meeting Guidelines

Whoever sets up the meeting in Zoom is the host and should be present and active during the session. Services should be set up by someone who is available to moderate, not one of the presenters and not someone who won't be in attendance.

As host, you can control whether attendees are muted or not, and you can set it up so they cannot unmute themselves accidentally.

  • When you initiate the session, click on Manage Participants along the bottom of the screen. A panel will appear on the right side that lists all the participants. At the bottom of that panel, you will see buttons to Mute All or Unmute All.
  • By clicking on More at the bottom of the Manage Participants panel, you can allow or prevent attendees from unmuting themselves. You can also select the leaders and unmute them for the duration of the session, assuming they will manage the noise levels on their end.
  • During hymns please do not unmute everyone because that seriously degrades the sound quality of the music.
  • Everyone can be unmuted before and after the service so they may greet each other and then say goodbye. During the service, all but the service presenters should be forcibly muted. Any other communication should be managed via the Chat window.