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Worship is the most important thing we do together as a beloved community, week after week, throughout the year. Rev. Hannah Petrie works to ensure we experience a variety of emotions in our hour of “sacred time” together: comfort, joy, reflection, vulnerability, challenge, and inspiration. Our worship services touch the mind, heart, and soul.

Join us for worship on Sundays via Zoom!  This Zoom link is for all Sunday services.

Rev Hannah Petrie

January 10
Rev. Hannah Petrie

The Call of Service, The Clarion Call of Democracy

What a wild week in the history of American democracy.  It's this time of year we do a big volunteer appreciation and recruitment Sunday.  As we observe the rocky (the say the least) changing of the guard in our national government, we'll compare the call of public service to the call to volunteer in our church.  Several seats are available, and it's an honorable way to use your free-time, as we continue to be stuck in the comfort of our own homes.

January 17
Rev. Hannah

What Is the 8th Principle?

We are familiar with the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism, but what is the Eighth?  It has to do with dismantling white supremacy, which is alive and well, especially as we witnessed in the events of January 6th.  This topic also honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and asks the questions, what is protest at its best?  What is protest at its best in a pandemic? 

January 24
Rev. Hannah

The Traits of a Real Leader

Goodness willing (or God, if you will), we will have observed the peaceful transfer of power to President-Elect Joe Biden four days earlier.  I have been studying the traits of Winston Churchill during the blitz in the book, "The Splendid and the Vile" by Erik Larson.  While historians say he was best as a war-time leader, many also compare the pandemic to being in a war.  What traits do we want to see in Biden and all our leaders at the height of this war on illness?

January 31
Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez

Faithful Freedoms, Responsible Choices
We are pleased to welcome back my colleague UU minister Lee Marie Sanchez back to our pulpit.  In this sermon she will explore reproductive freedom and the UU connection to Roe V. Wade.

February 7
Rev. Hannah

"Generation to Generation"
This is the title of the seminal work by Rabbi Edwin Freidman about family process in congregations.  One of my semi-specialties is knowledge of Family Systems Theory, founded by psychiatrist Murray Bowen in the early 1950s.  I will be offering a four-week class about it and this service serves to whet the appetite about this fascinating school of thought.