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Rev. Hannah Petrie

April 21
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Easter Earth Day: Resurrection!
This year, Earth Day falls so close to Easter Sunday that the two must be joined as one.  While Unitarians and Universalists grow out of the same root of Christianity, today we are more accurately aligned with the original Pagan celebration of Easter, that is, the rebirth of nature that faithfully arrives each Spring.  The week leading up to Earth Day this year has been fraught with protest around the world, demanding that governments take climate change seriously, with action that leads to carbon-free energy.  How will our congregation participate and respond, resurrecting our own green activism?  Don't forget to bring canned goods for our children's Easter canned food hunt!

April 28
Rev. Hannah Petrie

A New Hope!

It's time for our Annual Fund Drive!  Every year, we ask our members and friends to pledge their financial support for the coming fiscal year, to begin July 1.  Our theme is A New Hope!  Yep, it's a Star Wars theme.  Complete with skits that will include Rev. Hannah Hope (yep, that's her birth-given middle name) dressed up as Rey, the next Jedi to safeguard peace and balance to "the Force," and old Luke Skywalker and Darth Maul to boot!  How is "the Force" a good analogy for money, the energy that can flow freely among our programs at the UU Church of Studio City, ensuring a golden period of peace and prosperity to our galaxy?

May 5
Rev. Hannah Petrie

"The Line Becomes a River" 
It's Cinco de Mayo!  And the Worship Theme of the Month is Curiosity.  We should be curious about the crisis at our southern border, our relationship with Mexico, and the refugees and immigrants desperate to find a home in our country.  How do our liberal religious values call us to act?  Our guiding text will be Francisco Cantu's book, "The Line Becomes a River," named one of the best ten books of the year by the Washington Post.  Author Sandra Cisneros said, “There is a line dividing what we know and do not know. Some see the world from one shore and some from the other. Cantú brings the two together to a spiritual whole. My gratitude for this work of the soul.”

May 12
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Making Light of Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day is not always so fun, especially if you are not a mom, have lost your mom, or don't particularly like your mom.  While there will be deeper moments to reflect on our complicated feelings for this Hallmark holiday now sacred in our cultural landscape, let's make some light of it!  We'll have fun with stories and reflections gleaned from Carol Burnett's 2010 book, "This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection," as well as Melissa Rivers' 2015 "The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation."

May 19
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Faith Vs. Reason
Returning to our Worship Theme of the Month, Curiosity, we will venture down the path of an ages-old question for religious liberals:  how do we reconcile science with religion?  The new book, "Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine" by Alan Lightman (author of "Einstein's Dreams") will function as fodder for discernment, as well as the older film with Jodie Foster, "Contact."