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Rev. Hannah Petrie

January 5
Terry Hassman and Rev. Hannah

Promises, Promises
Happy New Year!  It can be challenging to keep our New Years’ resolutions, but it may help to discuss them with members of our church community.  For this first service of 2020, the congregation will break into small groups and discuss the promises they want to make to themselves, their family, church, community, or the planet during the coming year. Terry Hassman, one of our Board Secretaries, has led this service several times, and found that it can enable many to keep their promises.

January 12
Rev. Hannah

Spirituality of Integrity
INTEGRITY is our Worship Theme for the month of January!  It’s one of the most important values that Unitarian Universalists hold dear.  We will reflect on the challenges of working to keep our promises, honor our agreements, and be people of our word.

January 19
Antoinette Scully and Rev. Hannah

Black Pride Sunday
On the Sunday before the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, we often talk about all the difficulties of being black, or any person of color, in America. In other words, we talk about what’s amiss in the world, which is plenty. This year, we will lift up the accomplishments and transcendence of people of color in our country.  Plan to be inspired!

January 26
Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez


We welcome back UU minister Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez for her annual visit to preach at UUCSC.  Ever heard of the term "truthiness"?  Alternative facts?  How do we live in a world where the truth has become a soundbite?

February 2
Rev. Hannah

The Resilience of Stephen Hawking
RESILIENCE is February's Worship Theme of the Month!  Who is a better example of this than Stephen Hawking? Unitarian Universalists have a special love for scientists, and we'll highlight examples of Hawking's amazing life to challenge ourselves toward greater resilience.