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Sundays at 10:00 AM

Rev. Hannah Petrie

October 21
Cheryl Suchors

48 Peaks:  Hiking and Healing in the White Mountains 

Cheryl Suchors, author of the same title, is a personal friend of our Music Director, Nancy Holland.  They hiked together and Cheryl will share that story this Sunday.  48 Peaks in an inspirational memoir about healing in the face of tremendous challenges - physical, and otherwise.

October 28
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Hallows Eve & Day of the Dead

I love this time of year!  There is a rich history behind our popular rituals of Halloween and Day of the Dead, which includes uncovering the truth about paganism, witches, and magic.  With a Day of the Dead altar, we'll have a ritual that honors the earth's cycles of life and death by honoring all those who have died in our lives that we wish to remember.  Please bring a memento or photo of loved ones who have passed, that you wish to remember.  Also, if you haven't watched the all-ages film Coco yet, now is the time to watch it!

November 4
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Democratic Values and the Passion of Pussy Riot

This is an election-themed service!  Unitarian Universalists have a tradition of holding democratic values sacred, and I'll be using celebrated UU minister Forrest Church's work "American Creed" to highlight why religious liberals take the instruments of democracy so seriously, while not taking them for granted.  We know our democracy is at risk and we can't ignore the role Russia has played in our elections, particularly since 2016.  I will also highlight the excellent work of Russian journalist Masha Gessen, "The Future is History" that won the National Book Award last year, as well as her prior work "The Passion of Pussy Riot," one of my favorites.

November 11
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Into the Wild

The story of Chris McCandless (the basis of Jon Krakauer's "Into the Wild") the young man who in the early 1990's set off west to try to survive the Alaska wilderness, is a modern parable of great depth, that stands in contrast to the modern parable of the US veteran, but there are similarities.  Both go into the wild, unprepared or not, to take the hero's journey.  What is our role in the conditions that create a young man or woman, to take such a journey, often with dire consequences?  The film will be referenced as well as another film called "Body of War."

November 18
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Trans Day of Remembrance & Apple Communion

Every year, on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we observe two rituals that we have found a way to be at home with one another.  Knowing that Thanksgiving is a problematic holiday in terms of our culture and history, we take time to bear witness to how our culture continues to hurt and obliterate the marginalized, including our transgender friends.  At the same time, we attempt to restore some natural meaning behind Thanksgiving, by embodying our gratitude for the abundance in our lives via a beloved ritual known as Apple Communion.  This is an Inter-generational service and the children will help pass out the apples per our tradition!