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Worship is the most important thing we do together as a beloved community, week after week, throughout the year. Rev. Hannah Petrie works to ensure we experience a variety of emotions in our hour of “sacred time” together: comfort, joy, reflection, vulnerability, challenge, and inspiration. Our worship services touch the mind, heart, and soul.

Join us for worship on Sundays via Zoom!  This Zoom link is for all Sunday services.

Rev Hannah Petrie

March 21
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Spring Equinox:  Goddesses in Every Woman, Gods in Every Man
The Pagan tradition of honoring the transition of seasons helps us honor transitions in our own lives.  We will look at how we can identify archetypes within ourselves that empower and strengthen us, using the seminal work of Jean Shinoda Bolen.

March 28
Ellen Snortland

Four Legs of the Liberation Table

After decades of inquiry of the elements of women’s liberation- - indeed any marginalized people’s freedom -- there are 4 main pillars that create freedom and interdependence. If you visualize stability as a table, the legs of the table in this metaphor are: 1) Financial,  2) Self-Expression, 3) Self-protection, and 4) History. If any of those legs are damaged or even missing, instability is almost guaranteed. Given that March was declared Women’s History Month in 1987, and so few people even know that, the exploration of those four legs are useful as a lens to view women’s lives historically. I emphasize the sweet spot between dependence and independence -- namely interdependence --  that is a hallmark of partnership, not domination/dominated.

April 4
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Easter Sunday
Join us for Pandemic Easter Sunday 2.0!  Let us rejoice in rebirth and renewal, despite all that has been lost.  Let us be grateful for ancient traditions that are yet relevant today.