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Rev. Hannah Petrie

May 26
Rev. Rick Hoyt McDaniels

The Fermi Paradox
Physicist Enrico Fermi noticed that given the vastness of space, and the huge amount of time available, the odds are good that some alien species should have figured out interstellar travel and colonized the galaxy by now. So where are they? It’s a good question and the answer, whatever it may be, comes with profound spiritual implications.

The Rev. Rick Hoyt is a UU Minister who serves as Developmental Minister for the UU church in Long Beach.  He is also President of the Pacific Southwest District of the UU Ministers' Association.  Back in the day, he was also an Intern Minister at the UU Church of Studio City!

June 2
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Celebration Sunday!
Our Annual Fund Drive "A New Hope!" concludes this Sunday with a decadent brunch after the service to celebrate all the pledges given for next fiscal year.  Participate with pride by turning in your pledge and being part of what makes EVERYTHING happen at UUCSC.  Enjoy our second Star Wars skit, including elder Luke Skywalker, Rey , and possibly the return of Darth Sidious.  Maybe even Princess Leia and an Ewok will appear!  We'll also express our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated Religious Exploration teachers, and bridge our children and youth to their next RE age groups.  In addition, out-going Committee Chairs and church leaders will be honored for their years of blood, sweat, and tears service.  Let's PARTY!

June 9
Gregory Boyd

50 Years Since Stonewall 
We are pleased to welcome Gregory Boyd to our pulpit. Gregory is a talented leader of UU Religious Exploration and member of our Unitarian Universalist Association Board.  On this LA Pride Sunday, he will lead us in reflecting on the important 50th anniversary of Stonewall, and what it means for us as religious liberals who will always defend and win rights for the LGBTQ community.

June 16
Rev. Hannah Petrie, Greg Moring, Evan Glasener, Nick and Clara Pierone

It's Fathers' Day

This Fathers' Day we feature three heart-felt reflections from our laity about their fathers and fathering.  Rev. Hannah will provide inspiring readings from the Fathers' Day edition of "This I Believe."

June 23 and 30
John Garrett & Cynthia Touissaint

The Dance With Pain: Pulling Each Other Up and Up and Out
John Garrett & Cynthia Touissaint have an amazing story to share, and it will take two Sundays to tell it.  The service series will focus on their shared 37 year experience as a couple experiencing chronic illness/pain and caregiver. A Discovery Health documentary film will be shown and they'll give an overview of their work at For Grace, the non-profit they created and lead, and which is a HUGE part of how they’ve survived together!  For Grace is devoted to promoting care and wellness for women challenged by chronic pain.