Upcoming Services
Sundays at 10:00 AM

Rev. Hannah Petrie

July 14
Jon Bassinger-Flores

Flower Communion:  Who's in Your Bouquet?
Every person, like every flower, is unique. Even identical twins, like two roses on the same bush, exhibit subtle differences. How can our congregation embrace the struggle to welcome a vast diversity of people into a vibrant bouquet? And what happens to each of us when we're in a vase with flowers we don't usually come in contact with? Bring a flower on Sunday as we explore and create a dazzling bouquet.

July 21
Jason Taksony Hewitt

Come Out From Your Hells
How can we find the voice of our sacred existence, when everywhere we look there are new, fresh hells popping up all around us--and even within us? Our Universalist heritage has some inspiration for us in these troubled times.

July 28
Terry Hassman

Deep Listening and Connecting: Chalice Circles
Do you long for more connection to folks here at church? Would you like to meet with people willing to share their feelings and ideas at a deeper level?  Then joining a Chalice Circle is for you.  Terry Hassman and others will share reflections about what being in a Chalice Circle has meant to them.  Sign-ups kick off this day for the next Chalice Circles, which will begin in September.

August 4
Jon Bassinger Flores

Blessing of the Animals

A favorite Sunday service of our congregation! We will celebrate all furry, scaley, and feathered companions. All well-behaved non-human creatures are welcome to attend, or bring a photo or drawing of your companion. Photos or drawings of our animals who have passed are also welcome on the alter at this special occasion.

August 11
David Brown

Money, That's What I Want!
We all want it, we all need it. But how do religious liberals view financial success, and more importantly, who can we trust to help get us there?

August 18
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Welcome Back Sunday
Rev. Hannah returns to her regular preaching schedule after her summer break.  She'll do a refresher of UU history and what Unitarian Universalists are all about in today's world.