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Rev. Hannah Petrie
Hannah Petrie
Please join us for worship on Sundays via Zoom!  This Zoom link is for all Sunday services.  We will also send it via email every Friday for your convenience. Please feel free to share this link with your family and friends so they may join us. If you are not already receiving our eNews bulletin, send an email to info@uustudiocity.org to be added to our email list.

July 12
Senior Fellowship

Finding Hope: Thoughts From Our Seniors
Taking a closer look at the pandemic, focusing on ways we can learn from its impact on our lives and find hope for the future.

July 19
Jon Bassinger Flores

Superheroes and Blessing our Pets

July 26
Rev. Matt McHale

What the Coronavirus Can Teach Us About Confronting Climate Change
So much of our attention has been on the coronavirus and the challenges and disruptions it has brought to our world. Yet we can see that this crisis also offers us several lessons that can help us, and offer us hope, as we confront the large challenge of climate change.

August 2
Terry Hassman-Paulin

What If the Whole World Stopped?
The theme for a proposed science fiction story has turned into reality.  Terry offers her commentary on how the coronavirus pandemic has changed broad aspects of our lives from cradle to grave.  Is this a cataclysmic event or a mere blip on the radar screen of human life? What have we learned? Are we destined to quickly forget?

Terry has been a Unitarian Universalist for 22 years, and a member of UUCSC for three years. She is a retired due diligence consultant and science textbook editor. Terry and husband Gene live in Burbank and together have five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

August 9
Shannon Corder

Considering Jealousy

August 16

To Be Announced