Upcoming Services
Sundays at 10:00 AM

Rev. Hannah Petrie

September 1
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Labor Day Extravaganza!
Check out my blog about this service.  We'll be reflecting on the spiritual aspects of work and vocation, with the help of a parable or two attributed to Jesus.  On the secular end, we'll share and honor the recent history of the successful Fight for $15 campaigns in many parts of the country, defying federal stasis on the matter.

September 8
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Spirituality of Water
Remember to bring some water for our "Gathering of the Waters" ceremony, also known as Water Communion, a valued Fall tradition in many UU congregations, including our own!  It's okay if your water is representative of its source, wherever your travels or staycation took you over the summer.  We'll have water available for the ritual if you don't bring your own.  We'll also  meet our committee Chairs who work hard in many areas of church life that are ripe for fresh volunteer energy.  Consider how rewarding volunteering for our beloved congregation can be!  It's the time of year to define our personal themes for the year as well, and to what we commit ourselves to be of service in 2019 - 2020.

September 15
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Great Expectations
"Expection" is the worship theme for September.  We'll preview the major themes of the coming year, what great things can be expected in terms of Worship, Music, and Religious Exploration for all ages, and introduce our series theme of embodied spirituality and mindfulness that will culminate in a retreat in the New Year.

September 22
Cynthia Touissaint, Julia Nizinski, and Lindsey Black

Stories of Memory Loss

Almost all of us have either a family member who has suffered memory loss due to aging, dementia, or Alzheimer's, or we know someone who does.  We will hear three members' stories, that are becoming so common, in order to find comfort and hope.  Later that afternoon, at 4:00 PM, our Fall Choral concert "Alzheimer Stories and Missa Festiva" takes place in the Sanctuary.

September 29
Cantor Andrew Henry

Days of Awe
Cantor Andrew Henry is our guest speaker and will share his take on Rosh Hashana. 
"A discussion of the meaning and the power of the Jewish High Holy Days and the journey of Repentance, Prayer and Charity."  

Andrew Henry has served as the Cantorial Soloist for Congregation Beth Ohr since 2016. His prior experience includes leading services for Congregation Tikkun Olam and Temple Beth Hillel.  Originally from Montana, he moved to Los Angeles to attend USC and has lived in the San Fernando Valley for more than 2 decades.  In addition to his commitment to Jewish Music, Andrew is the father of 2 amazing boys, Jonah and Eli, and is proud to be a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland.  He is supported in all things by the love and wisdom of his wife and best friend, Rabbi Shana Chandler Leon.

October 6
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Spirituality of Belonging
The worship theme for October is "Belonging." We'll reflect on how primal this need is, how important it is for our spiritual home to be the place to which ourselves and others can belong, and therefore thrive.  When we have a sacred place like this to belong to and develop as human beings and evolve our souls, we also find greater belonging at home, at work, in our larger community.