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Sundays at 10:00 AM

Rev. Hannah Petrie

November 17
Rev. Hannah
Turning Tides class

Trans Day of Remembrance 
This will be our 4th annual observance of Trans Day of Remembrance, when, in silence, we show the portraits of and light candles for the trans women who were murdered in our country during the past year.  There are about 25 – 30 murders of trans women in the US every year.  Our classroom of 11-14 year olds will also present a “Teach-Up” about the congregational read, “Sissy, A Coming of Gender Story” by Jacob Tobia.  This will be an intergenerational service for children 8 years of age and up, but parents may use their discretion.

November 24
Rev. Hannah Petrie
Anthony Concepcion

Music Service & Apple Communion
Thanksgiving is late this year!  Let’s welcome in the holiday spirit with wonderful music directed by our Assistant Music Director Anthony Concepcion.  We will also have a New Member Ceremony and our annual Apple Communion.

December 1
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Spirituality of Awe
Awe is the very fitting worship theme for December. In preparation for the arrival of Christmas, Advent invites us to turn inward toward more contemplative activities.  I know it’s a tall order to find time in our busy, pre-holiday schedules to find the softer parts of ourselves and experience awe in the midst of our vulnerability.  This service will do its best to inspire us all!

December 8
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Quiet and Patient

Quiet and patient are not qualities I would reach for to describe myself, and perhaps I’m not alone.  Continuing with our December worship theme, how do we create the conditions for awe to happen?  What role does patience play in finding the deeper silence, the awe of peace?  We will look at two books, “Quiet” by Susan Cain and “The Power of Patience” by M. J. Ryan.

December 15
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Mindful Christmas
We conclude our 4-part series on mindfulness by applying it to the ups and downs of the holidays.  What are some practical tools we can use to stay centered and joyful?