Previous Services


4/22/18   Rev. Hannan Petrie

Earth Day Part I : "The Hidden Life of Trees"



4/15/18   David Brown

Stars Among the Darkness



4/08/18   Rev. Hannan Petrie

"El Rio Bajo El Rio"



4/01/18  Rev. Hannan Petrie

Easter Sunday



3/25 /18   Cantor Francine Chalin

Passover: Everyone Has a Place at the Table



3/18/18   Rev. Hannah Petrie

“75 and Going Strong”

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3/11/18   Jason Shelton

“The Song in Our Hearts”



3/04/18   Rev. Hannah Petrie

“Lost Connections”

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2/25/18   Michael Eselun

No Justice, No Peace!



2/18/18   Guest Speaker

A Viking’s Happiness



2/11/18   Rev. Hannah Petrie

Unitarian Universalist Day!



2/04/18   Rev. Sarah Schurr

The Call



1/28/18   Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez

Where Everybody Knows Your Name



1/21/18   Rev. Hannah Petrie

Spirituality of Perseverance

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1/14/18   Rev. Hannah Petrie

"The Firebrand and The First Lady"

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1/07/18   Rev. Hannah Petrie

Inspiring Tales of Failure

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12/31/17   Karen Renee

Burning Bowl Ceremony- Fire Communion



12/24/17   Rev. Hannah Petrie

Christmas Eve Service




Christmas Pageant Service



12/24/17  Jon Bassinger-Flores

Love (Re)born



12/17/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

O Young and Fearless Prophet



12/10/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Spirituality of Joy

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12/03/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

The Power of Advent

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11/26/17  Anthony Concepcion

Hymn Sing!



11/19/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Trans Day of Remembrance & Apple Communion



11/12/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Thank You for Your Service

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11/05/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Indigenous Wisdom: Humility, Abundance, Generosity

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10/29/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Hallows Ritual - Day of the Dead



10/22/17  Rebekah McKendry

Courage Through Fear



10/15/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Spirituality of Imperfection


10/08/17  Varun Soni

Discovering Hinduism


10/01/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

What Is White Fragility?


9/24/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

75 Souls for 75 Years

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9/17/17  Rabbi Haim

Days of Awe


9/10/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Welcome Back!


9/03/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Lifestyles of the Poor and Nerdy


8/27/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

What Is Unitarian Universalism?


8/20/17  Rev. Gordon Bailey

Doing What Needs to Be Done


8/06/17  Jon Bassinger-Flores

Blessing of the Animals


7/30/17  Julie Widman

Autism, Neurodiversity, and Parenting a Twice-Exceptional Child


7/23/17  Jan Meslin

Tijuana Border: What We Can Do for Immigrants


7/16/17   Jill Herbertson

Celebrating Our Sexuality


7/09/17   Kulsa Bhiksshu

Finding Freedom


7/02/17   Tony Soltis

Nothing is Sacred


6/25/17   Anthony Concepcion

Music for Thought, Healing, and Inspiration


6/18/17   Rev. Hannah Petrie

Three Fathers’ Day Tributes


6/11/17   Jess Phoenix

Earth as Heaven; Nature as Church


6/04/17   Rev. Hannah Petrie

Love Will Guide Us


5/28/17   Rev. Anne Hines

Memorial Day Sunday


5/14/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Mothers’ Day: In Honor of Julia Ward Howe


5/07/17   Jon Bassinger-Flores

Most Likely to Succeed


4/23/17   Rev. James Ford

Spirituality After Religion: Mark Twain’s Large Dream


4/16/17   Rev. Hannah Petrie

Easter Sunday


4/02/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Being Mortal


3/26/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Remembering Gwen & Prince


3/19/17  Michael Eselun

Perfect Strangers


3/12/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Extreme Church Make-over


3/05/17  Samantha & Vijay Gupta

From Scorn to Seed: What Heals?


2/26/17  Shannon Corder

The Island of Misfit Toys


2/19/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Newspeak and Truthspeak


2/12/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

One is Silver and the Other’s Gold


2/05/17  Cynthia Touissaint

Turning Pain Into Purpose


1/29/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Native American Thought-Ways


1/22/17  Amanda Weatherspoon

The Living Resistance


1/15/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

MLK: “Now Is The Time”


1/08/17  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Prophets: Real and Fake


12/25/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Christmas Day: Give Something of Yourself


12/24/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Christmas Eve Service 9 PM


12/18/16   Michael Guinn

PKs, UUs, and Evangelism?!? Whaaaaa?


12/11/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie

The Most We Can Give


12/04/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie

The Adventures of Advent


11/20/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Stories of Strength and Gratitude


11/13/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Spirituality of Story


11/06/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie

An Uncommon Life: Veterans Day


10/30/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie



10/23/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie

Healing the Political Mind


10/16/16  Carlyle Coash

Healing Ourselves, We Heal the World


10/09/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie

The Letting Go


10/02/16  Francine Chalin

What Do We Need to Do to Become the People We Were Born to Be?


9/25/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie

The Courage to Tackle the Impossible


9/18/16  Michael Hart

Why We Stay Alive


9/11/16  Rev. Hannah Petrie

The Risks and Rewards of Belonging