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"The Call of Service, The Clarion Call of Democracy"
-Rev. Hannah Petrie


What a wild week in the history of American democracy. It's this time of year we do a big volunteer appreciation and recruitment Sunday. As we observe the rocky (the say the least) changing of the guard in our national government, we'll compare the call of public service to the call to volunteer in our church. Several seats are available, and it's an honorable way to use your free-time, as we continue to be stuck in the comfort of our own homes.

"The World Needs Us at Our Best"
-Rev. Hannah Petrie


Happy New Year! Or is it? We are all tired of the pandemic and being stuck at home. Depression and things like overeating or over-drinking are common. Malaise is hard to snap out of. Our houses are a mess. Couples are at each other's throats. Children are already bored with their new Christmas toys. I could go on . . . but what is the antidote for all of this? I will explore this tomorrow, in a sermon about self-care. Join us!