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Gun Violence Prevention Promise

In the aftermath of the killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012, a group of church members and friends came together to work on gun violence prevention and gun safety promotion in 2013.  We named our group Gun Violence Prevention Promise, a working group of UUCSC.

Following years of efforts of raising awareness, holding marches and rallies, working with elected officials, researching and supporting legislation, connecting with other organizations such as the Brady Campaign and other faith communities, an event occurred in Parkland, Florida that changed public attitudes about gun violence in a dramatic way. After 17 students and adults were gunned down with an assault weapon on Valentine’s Day of 2018, the surviving students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School started a movement that galvanized students and adults across the country to confront their elected leaders and the NRA to demand action to change existing gun laws. They claimed “Enough is enough.”

We applaud these brave student activists and want to support them. They are doing their part and now we must do ours. We agree with their stated demand for federal policy changes:

  • Background checks for every gun sold, including at gun shows and through online sales.
  • Ban assault weapon sales
  • Increase age for buying guns from 18 to 21
  • Reduce magazines of bullets to 10

We participated in the March for Our Lives on March 24 and support the School Walk Out Day on April 20.

Our annual march and rally in memory of Sandy Hook and all victims of gun violence will be held this year on Sunday, October 21.

We encourage our congregation to get involved. Come to our monthly meetings on the third Sunday after the service at 11:30 AM.

Join our Facebook group to stay informed of our progress in promoting Gun Safety. Or contact us at

Dorothy Wait, chair