Virtual Communities at UUCSC

UUCSC Virtual Communities is an extension of the UUCSC Mindfulness Programs. This program seeks to help us find equanimity, balance, and warmth in our relationship to the virtual world. These sessions gather after the service for 15-minute sessions on the second Sunday of each month, usually in the World Room.

In June, July, and August, Virtual Communities will focus on the use of Instagram as a tool for mindfulness. We will explore three areas of interest:

  • Instagram as photo-sharing platform: We will explore Instagram as a way of sharing images and what the sharing of images of our life with others might mean. We will particularly consider the Buddhist practice of Contemplative Photography, or miksang.
  • Instagram and notifications: We will explore Instagram as an example of an app on our mobile device that gives notifications. We will consider our relationship to notifications and look to understand how to control them on our devices.
  • Instagram as a social platform: We will explore Instagram as an example of a social platform and the ways in which we can relate to our online communities in mindful ways.

Those who don’t already use Instagram are encouraged to participate, not only to learn a new platform that is quite popular, but also because this will allow them to work with a platform in which they aren’t already invested in learning to relate to virtual communities mindfully.

It is also our hope that, as the community explores its virtual life, we will find new ways to be together.

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