Endowment Fund

The endowment fund was established in 1994 after the church inherited two pieces of property.  A committee was set up to manage the account in accordance with bylaws for the fund’s sources, uses, distribution, and management. 

The fund is used for purposes that are not included in the general operating budget.  Its use in any year is managed through recommendation by the Board of Trustees to the congregation who then vote for their approval. 

At the end of each fiscal year, the Endowment Committee declares the amount that is available to the church and communicates the amount to the Board of Trustees.  The amount is derived from up to half of the net gain for that year. The remainder is rolled back into the endowment.

Many improvements have been possible through a combination of distributions and loans including: additions to the administrative and minister’s offices, complete renovation of the kitchen and bathroom, retrofitting 32 windows, sound room and system, upgrades to parking and outside lighting, improvements to heating and air conditioning, and more. 

The Endowment Committee meets quarterly, distributes minutes, and submits an annual report. Its mission is to safeguard and increase the dollar amount entrusted to it in a way that is compatible with UU values.  It is aware of the need to engage in socially responsible investments and periodically reviews its holdings in this context.  Quarterly meetings are open and meeting minutes and other reports are available in the office.