Annual Fund Drive

Each spring, the Members and Friends of the congregation are asked to confirm their financial commitment to the shared ministry of the church by renewing their pledge for the coming year. A pledge is one of the responsibilities of being a Member (though Friends also pledge) and demonstrates an understanding that their commitment is an important part of ensuring the ongoing growth and support of our church community.

We are living in unprecedented times.  As we come to grips with change and loss, we also reflect on all we take for granted.  At the forefront of this is physical togetherness, especially for those who are isolated at home alone. Susan Gray, UU Association President said recently “This is a time for community care, for pastoral care, to do what we can to love each other, to offer what we can to save lives and care about those who are most vulnerable.”

The theme for our annual 2020-2021 fund drive is Love in the Time of CoronAnnual Pledge Drive Love in the Time of Coronaa .

We want to be there, as we always have, for our members and friends through this pandemic, but we have lost over one third of our income from building rentals. We encourage everyone to at least sustain last year's pledge into next year, as you are able.

The UU Church of Studio City is here for you, until we can gather again. Thank you for your ongoing generosity during this crucial time.

With gratitude,
Rev. Hannah Petrie, Minister
Robert Gonsalves, Stewardship Chair

What is a pledge?
A pledge is a promise to donate an amount of money for the ongoing growth and support of our church community. It is one of the responsibilities of being a Member, though Friends also can and do pledge.

Why should I pledge?
On a practical level, it helps us plan a budget. But it is also an investment in the values and principles that we stand for, and a way to ensure that our beloved community stays vibrant and strong and our building a space for reflection and inclusion.

How do I make a pledge?
As a member or friend of the church, you will be asked to contribute to the Annual Fund Drive prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, which starts on July 1. You may set up recurring payments throughout the year or can contribute your pledge annually or bi-annually. Our Giving page provides several ways to give, including advice on writing a check directly from your bank account, texting your donation to UUCSC or using PayPal. You will receive quarterly statements and statements of current balance remaining on your pledge.

How will my pledge be used?
Your gift pays for all the things we do together: worship and music, religious exploration for children, youth, and adults; social justice work in our wider community; and per-member annual dues to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and Pacific Southwest District (PSWD).  It also pays for the maintenance and operation of our beautiful building and grounds.

What are other ways I can help financially sustain UUCSC?
In addition to the Annual Fund Drive, UUCSC creates various fund-raising events every year with a goal of $15 – 20K. We encourage you to participate in our Silent Auction, music events such as the annual Holiday Party and Cabaret, and Inspiration Sunday when a special appeal is made to meet the goals of our on-going ministry. Learn more about our current Congregational Fundraisers.