Worship – “A Journey of Faith”

Sunday, September 25, 2022 Guest Preacher, The Reverend Anne Gardner A recent transplant to southern California, The Reverend Anne Gardner currently runs the chaplaincy program at nearby Harvard-Westlake, a private independent high school. Prior to accepting this most recent call, she spent twelve years as the Director of Spiritual and Religious Life at Phillips Academy, Andover, a boarding school located … Read More

We Are Unitarian Universalists

September 18, 2022Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniels, preachingExpanding the circle of relationships beyond our congregation, we are also members of a larger faith embracing Unitarian Universalists of other congregations, and Unitarians and Universalists from previous generations. What they believed and the lives they lived in the name of our faith, defines who we are today.

We Are This Community

September 11, 2022 Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniels, preaching. The spiritual question of identity, refers both to the personal question, “Who am I?” and the broader question of humanity, “Who are We?” We are self-defined as individuals, with gifts and characters of our own, and we are defined by belonging within networks of relationships. For our service of Ingathering we recognize that … Read More

“I Am What I Do”

Sunday Worship Service, September 4, 2022 For this Labor Day weekend, continuing our liturgical theme of identity, I’ll talk about the common practice, at least in American culture, to define ourselves by the work we do.

By Way of Introduction

Worship Service | August 28, 2022 | 10:00 AM, In-person and Via Zoom by Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniels As we begin our exploration of the spiritual question of Identity, “Who am I?” you might be curious to know something about me. What’s my story? What’s my theology? What are my ministerial credentials? What are my personal passions? Why is it, when we’re asked … Read More

Re-Member Me

Worship Service | August 21, 2022 | 10:00 AM, In-person and Via Zoom by Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniels Some of you will remember me from many years ago when I served an internship with your congregation. Others will recognize me as a UU minister in the area or as an occasional guest in your pulpit. And to some, I’ll be meeting you for … Read More

Born Anew to a Living Hope

Worship Service | August 14, 2022 | 10:00 AM, In-person and Via Zoom Sermon by Chaplain Joseph B. Courtney Chaplain Josephy (Joey) Courtney, chaplain at local Campbell Hall, will preach live on the topic “Born Anew to a Living Hope.” He will focus on hope as a spiritual practice – something we work at each day.  As always, the service … Read More

Sermon by Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, UUA President

Worship Service | August 7, 2022 | 10:00 AM, In-person and Via Zoom You are invited to hear our UUA President, Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray share her views on building community, feeling a sense of belonging, and providing a sense of “home” to our church family. She shares some personal memories of why Unitarian Universalism is important to her life and … Read More

A Trip Down Memory Lane at UUCSC

Worship Service | July 31, 2022 | 10:00 AM, In-person and Via Zoom Guest Speaker: Stephanie Prather Stephanie (Steffi) Prather, one of our long-time members, will share memories of UUCSC in the 1970s and 1980s. She has a wealth of memories, including some fabulous photos, of the parties, gatherings, and special events of the past. UUCSC has long been a … Read More

“Caregiving: Compassion in Action”

Worship Service | July 24, 2022 | 10:00 AM, In-person and Via Zoom by Joyce Fidler and Rochelle Lamm Nearly one in five Americans – roughly 53 million people – are providing unpaid care for an adult or child with medical or mental health needs.  An additional 1.3 million people work in “formal” personal care roles at subsistence wages – a job category … Read More