November 11 Religious Exploration Resources

This week was Sandwich Day. We ended the sandwich-making a little early this week. That was because we had a large group with us this time, but also by design so that Jonathan Bijur could join us and teach the kids some music. The children and youth have learned their parts for a song that they will sing with the … Read More

November 4 Religious Exploration Resources

This week’s emphasis was on food justice issues. We spoke with the kids about the idea of food justice as a concept. We again pointed out that there are multiple kinds of justice. We asked them to speak about the different kinds of justice they know about and then see how they think food justice fits. We spoke with them briefly about … Read More

October 28 Religious Exploration Resources

This week, Jon Bassinger-Flores did the Time for All Ages, which was Dia de Los Muertos by Roseanne Greenfield Thong, which you can see here. We looked to build on the elemental theme we’ve already explored with the water communion and water offerings by here turning our attention to fire. We have recently discussed the origins of the flaming chalice as a … Read More

October 21 Religious Exploration Resources

This week, we worked to help the children and youth think over everything we’ve talked about in the last few weeks and think about all the different types of justice there are to consider. For example: social justice, food justice, environmental justice, religious justice, distributive justice, racial/ethnic justice, gender/sex/sexuality justice, occupational justice, disability justice, neurodiversity justice, cognitive justice, immigration justice, … Read More

October 14 Religious Exploration Resources

This week was Sandwich Day. Kids in the Rainbow Room read, Julian is a Mermaid, which you can see here. The Time for All Ages was read by Bonnie. The book was The Three Questions, which you can see here.

October 7 Religious Exploration Resources

In this coming month, we’ll continue and wrap up our first phase of the year. The general theme for the month is the idea of Sanctuary, which, for our purposes, we will also take to include the idea of acknowledging the other. This builds on last month’s idea of “hearing/listening” and the work we’ve been doing on covenant. We are in … Read More

September 30 Religious Exploration Resources

On this day, we considered the idea of circles of compassion. Over the Summer, we spent a bit of time during the Time for All Ages, as well as in the classrooms, expressing the idea of a “heart world” that can be explored. Just like our everyday world, the heart world is made up of a center and a periphery. … Read More

September 23 Religious Exploration Resources

On this day, we focused on extending the understanding from last week. This meant, firstly, completing the covenants the different rooms worked on. We also worked to extend the idea of covenant to the idea of active, intentional listening. For the Big Room, the Toolbox of Faith curriculum we’ve used in the past offers some activities that can help communicate … Read More

September 16 Religious Exploration Resources

On this day, we focused on establishing the RE Year Covenant in the Big Room and the Turning Tides Room. Most of the young folks will have been through this process before. Working on their Covenant with them multiple times gives us the opportunity to focus a little less on the process (though this is important!) and more on the … Read More

September 2nd and 9th Religious Exploration Resources

On Sunday, September 2nd, our Time for All Ages focused on the wonderful and hilarious book Click, Clack, Moo – Cows That Type. You can see this book for yourself here: English, Spanish. This book teaches values of mutual respect, kindness, generosity, and, also, organizing for labor rights. The message was a good one for Labor Day. Our older children … Read More