Every Tomorrow is Juneteenth.

Check out this short, powerful YouTube video, of a young black man sharing his mother’s unwritten rules . . .Until black Americans are not afraid to interact in public, lest they make a mistake that lands them abused or killed by police;Until police are trained to never shoot anyone in the back;Until police are trained to not cut off the … Read More

Pride Sunday

A big shout out to Barbara Allen, Chair of the Welcoming Congregation, who has put a wonderful Pride service together for this Sunday! We will also return to Facebook Live-streaming so that more people can find us who would take comfort in our message of service, hope, community, and justice. If you have concerns about privacy, you may turn off … Read More

2020 Commencement for Justice

It is the season of endings and beginnings, a time of commencement.  We congratulate the graduates in our midst who did not get to have ceremonies:  Polly Pierone graduated from college, and Mary Wood graduated from high school.  Both were influenced by growing up in our church, growing up Unitarian Universalist.  Milestones completed, they are beginning a new phase of … Read More

What Brings You Joy?

That’s a loaded question, isn’t it? You might answer it sheepishly, like binge-watching TV (if the show is good), or relaxing with a few drinks (if you’re a drinker), or using medicinal marijuana (if you have any), or sex (if available). Then there’s taking early morning or sunset walks in your neighborhood, gardening, dancing in your living room, Zooming with … Read More

Mother, I Forgot to Tell You…

Many years ago, I used to go to “church camp.” This was an annual, week-long event put on by the Unitarian Universalist Association for young adults aged 18 – 35. It was called OPUS (nope, oddly enough, that’s not another UU acronymn, just its name). I went to OPUSes all over the US and Canada. In the mornings we all … Read More

What the Hell is Happening to 2020?

It’s quite something to realize it’s about to be May, the 5th month of the year. I vaguely remember celebrating New Years, Valentines, and St. Patrick’s Day . . . then all hell broke loose. Lately in my worship services, I’ve done my best to have a pastoral theme, something that comforts us personally. Meanwhile, there are social justice issues … Read More

Love in the Time of Corona

I thought I was so clever when I came up with that snappy saying! I was day-dreaming, trying to orient my disoriented quarantined-after-two-weeks self. I remembered the famous novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. How I read “Love in the Time of Cholera” when I was about 19 or 20, when it was hot, deep into a Michigan summer. I was … Read More

Our Hearts Go Out to New York City

My heart broke today when I heard Mayor Cuomo of New York City begging the nurses and health professionals to come help out if the epidemic was not too acute in their home region or city. It feels like when there is a really bad forest fire and firefighters are flown in from other states, and even other countries. Our … Read More

Easter Time!

A resurrection would be nice right about now, eh? Resurrection as far as a return to normal life, social gatherings, and public events. I miss the NBA! I miss socializing in my little Altadena village where I live, where I run into people I know. I miss going out to eat! What do you miss? So much feels “dead” right … Read More

Free Your Mind . . . And Your Ass Will Follow

Our Worship Theme of the Month for April is LIBERATION. Ironic, considering many of us feel anything but liberated at this time. But it’s referring to the major Jewish and Christian holidays in April. For Jews, Passover is about liberation from slavery. For Christians, Easter is about liberation from sin. (For Easter, the title of my sermon is: “Liberation From … Read More