Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement

  • Ours is an inclusive religious community that inspires personal and spiritual growth.
  • We care for one another.
  • We strive for social justice, a healthy environment, and a peaceful world.

UUCSC’s Vision For the Future

  • We commit to being an inclusive, loving, thriving community that promotes spiritual growth and offers emotional support to the congregation and the larger community.
  • We are an open-minded, liberal community that is part of a larger religious Unitarian Universalist movement that draws on the wisdom and insights of the world’s religions and philosophies.
  • We dedicate ourselves to creating a spiritual home and a peaceful refuge where we foster a sense of personal responsibility to this community and encourage each person to use and develop her/his individual gifts through multiple ways of expression, learning and interaction.
  • We celebrate rituals and traditions that both ground us and open us to deeper experiences.
  • We provide intergenerational activities based upon our shared values of social justice, environmental stewardship, celebration of beauty and wonder, and our desire to deepen our relationships and connections with each other.