“Earth Day Is Every Day”, By Pam Geller and the Lay Worship Committee“Earth Day Is Every Day”, April 23, 2023

10:00 AM In-person and via Zoom

On Sunday, April 23, you are invited to a bit-out-of-the-ordinary service. The elements that feed your spirit remain, but during the “sermon time,” we will be sojourning in groups through four table stations.  For the families on Zoom, you will be traveling via a slide presenting a photo of the table, and a list of the principal points the table speaker will be presenting. To Zoomers: If you’re able, please plan to attend in person so that you can have the full hands-on experience.

The service is designed to help each of us to adopt better and better habits that lighten our footprint on the natural environment. It is Pam’s inspiration that better and better habits grow out of a spiritual connection to Mother Earth.