October 30, “I Owe God a Death” Rev. Tom Owen-Towle

Our American culture remains death-defying, and our UU movement failed, a decade ago, to embrace mortality during the re-visioning process of our Purposes and Principles. We have work to do.   If we earthlings wish to live more robustly and caringly, day by day, we must consent to die. As naturalist Wallace Stegner put it: “I owe God a death!”

Rev. Tom Owen-Towle

The Rev. Dr. Tom Owen-Towle was ordained in 1967 and is still preaching from his home, which is based in San Diego. He is the author of two dozen books on social justice, personal relationships, and spiritual growth. Tom is slowly re-engaging his community commitments: volunteering at the homeless center, singing in nursing homes, and mentoring young people Sunday’s sermon will be based upon his latest book. Making Peace with Our Own Death, newly published and available via amazon.com or the UUA Bookstore.