How Sharing Our Stories Makes Us Stronger

February 6, 2022 | 10:00 AM

“Crises We Have Known:  How Sharing Our Stories Makes Us Stronger”

Members of the Senior Fellowship–Vickie Vining, Gail Natzler, and Christina Mathers
With Members of the Worship Team and Tech Team

The Senior Fellowship of UUCSC is presenting the service “Crises We Have Known: How Sharing Our Stories Makes Us Stronger.” In this service we will share how the Senior Fellowship was created and how it functions to help us build community with the church. One key element of growing closer and providing support to each other is how we share our personal stories in our discussions. Through sharing our stories we grow stronger in covenant and connection with each other. During the service, members of the group will demonstrate this by sharing their stories of how they survived difficult crises and came out stronger as a result.