A Message On Reopening and Our Upcoming Congregational Meeting (10/22/2021)

“We are all bound up together in one great humanity.” -Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

October has flown by and I can’t believe we are weeks away from the full-blown holiday season. Have you already started planning for how you will navigate this coming Fall and Winter? My kids are especially excited to celebrate Halloween this year- the costumes are already being worn daily. 

And just as the weather starts to cool and I’m finally able to break out my scarves and beanies, our church is also showing signs of the many changes in our next phase of community life.


I’m happy to announce that we will be reopening our sanctuary to public services on October 31, 2021. We’ve patiently pushed our reopening plans a few times, knowing the moment was not yet right. 

Although the pandemic is far from over, we have a better understanding now of how to keep each other safe. Our city has high rates of vaccination and we are eager to meet community members face-to-face. The Board and Staff are working together to make sure everyone will be as safe as possible as we reopen the sanctuary for those who wish to join us in person. We expect to have a full Covid policy to read by this time next week. 

I am also happy to remind people that anyone can tune in virtually from anywhere. 

I’m excited about the ways virtual worship services have created a more accessible church community than we had 2 years ago. This is one of many ways the pandemic has made us more mindful of who our community is.

Congregational Meeting

We will also be gathering in person to hold our annual October Congregational Meeting. This too has been postponed and rescheduled, but I believe meeting in-person on this grand reopening is the best way to get back together. 

We’ll be discussing two very important aspects of one of our most important resources. 

  • Disbursement of Our Yearly Endowment Funds
  • Possible Approval to Amend the Endowment Bylaw 

Here are some links that may also help:

These are being provided to give a clear understanding of how we will spend our time together. 

I look forward to continuing to serve in the work of the church, online and in-person. 

Your President,

Antoinette Scully