October Work Party

The Building and Grounds Committee reports a very fruitful turnout from the October 9 Work Party:

Working together this team of volunteers accomplished the following list of chores..

● Relocated 30 classroom chairs from the Sanctuary back to their place upstairs
● Relocated office storage rack and 55 reams of printer paper from Stan’s office to the new closet near Room 4
● Relocated spare light bulbs to closet near Room 4
● Replaced and tightened several dead LED bulbs in Sanctuary
● Cleaned the new supply cabinet in the Office Restroom
● Confirmed inventory of Emergency Supply Cabinet
● Replaced obsolete CFL light bulbs in Room 2 with all LED bulbs
● Spread approximately 500 lbs of fresh compost on the Shared Earth Garden
● Removed perennial weeds from various garden areas
● Transported 10 wheelbarrow loads of dead foliage to the dumpster
● Cleaned and fertilized the perimeter areas of “The Woods”
● Cleaned and organized playground
● Received new BBQ grill and utensils by donation from Jess Womack
● Stored and covered grill for future outdoor gatherings
● Cleaned the railings and windowsills on the front of the building
● Installed a new “large-capacity” toilet paper dispenser in one more restroom stall; eventually all stalls will have these

Volunteers included Brad Brough, Sandy Patten, Sue Nevins, Scott McConnell, Barbara Allen, Jeanne McConnell, Mack Anderson, Peter Kooiman, Jolly Hollamon, Teri Wittenberger, Steve Wittenberger, Sue Witkovsky, Rich Suter, Christina Mathers, Joyce Fidler, Pam Geller, Vickie Vining, Mary Sager McFadden, and Greg Golden.