“Welcome Home” – September 19, 2021

Hello friends!  Here’s what’s happening this Sunday for worship at 10 AM.  Please note we are all on Zoom – you can find the Zoom link at the top of our web site.  We are actively in the stages of planning our first Sunday open to the public October 3, and detailed guidelines will be communicated on our web site and social media platforms.

Now back to our worship service for September 19.  If you have kids, they’re back in school.  If you had a summer break, it’s long over.  The weather, thank goodness, is beginning to cool.  In other words, it’s turned to Fall.  This is the time of year when we begin to turn as well.  Turn inward, settle into routines that are hopefully not too stressful or demanding, but rather bring comfort like our favorite, worn-in shoes.  All this settling into the new school year or work year should feel like a homing in.  And so I say to you, “welcome back home.” 

This Sunday, I’m going to be exploring this concept of home within ourselves.  We often make the mistake of defining home by factors outside ourselves:  by the people around us we want to think of as home, or the status symbols, or our credentials.  But the true comfort of home can only come from within, by virtue of our self-acceptance and self-awareness.  If this sounds self-helpy, it is – I found a wonderful book I read over the summer called, “Welcome Home” by Najwa Zebian, whose lessons I’m looking forward to sharing with you.  It’s a guide to building a home for your soul – one you can take with you, wherever you go.

See you Sunday!

Rev. Hannah