Days of Awe – Sunday, September 5, 2021

Happy Labor Day Weekend,  Members and Friends of the UU Church of Studio City!

There is so much going on in the world right now.  These are Days of Awe, and while the High Holy Day is indeed this Monday, the Jewish new year celebration that kicks off ten days of deep contemplation toward our personal atonement, I’m also talking about days of  . . .  awesome suffering.  Between climate disasters and a pandemic that won’t quit, between a tragic end of a tragic war to Texas making abortion impossible, it’s hard not to feel quite sad and concerned for all the suffering we witness in today’s world.  

But even so . . . 

We gather as a community of faith each Sunday to renew our faith in ourselves and each other.  We gather to find inspiration, hope, determination, and to remind ourselves we’re not alone in our struggles.  We gather . . . in whatever way we can, and so we will continue to gather on Zoom this coming month, even though we had ardently hoped to at least offer hybrid worship in September.  

You can access our Zoom Worship at 10 AM this Sunday on the link at the top of our homepage on our web site. 

This Sunday we will contemplate what it means to end a 20 year war at the 20 year anniversary of 9/11.  The world is changing fast, and so must we.  What does it mean to be pacifists, by and large, yet see the hopes and dreams of women and girls go down the drain, both in Afghanistan AND here in Texas?  What are we called to do as Unitarian Universalists, as we navigate a world of awesome oppression?  

Thank goodness it’s also a world of awesome beauty and sweetness.  So dip some apple slices in honey, and be grateful for our many blessings – not least of which is the joy, hope, and sustenance we find in our spiritual home, this community in which we love and are loved, no matter the venue. 

I’m looking forward to another church year, at your service.  

See you Sunday! 

Rev. Hannah