Holidaze and Electiondaze

Last Sunday I assured the congregation that for THIS Sunday, we would not give lip service to secular matters (aka the election) but instead focus on the sacred and the spiritual in our observance of the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead. Not to be confused with Halloween. Or Samhain. Indeed, we’ll review the distinctions of these different holidays that occur at the same time of year, and how we can respectfully partake in their meanings.

I hope folks have had a chance to build a small altar in their home this week with things like flowers, candles, sacred or special objects, incense or sage, and pictures and mementos of your dead loves ones. At the appointed time, we’ll take a few moments to light our candles, and remember our dead. At this juncture in the pandemic, when we have lost so many, and so many more are getting sick – especially of Mexican descent – the Day of the Dead holiday this year is especially worth observing – especially in Southern California.

At the same time, I will take back my promise to not speak anything politics – but only for a little while. The climate is so threatening and full of tension and dread that some words of pastoral comfort and courage are called for – as well as some thoughts about how we will cope with a violent response to election results, that seems nearly inevitable. It’s worth considering what the UU response can and should be to a civil war – god forbid, but unfortunately it’s a distinct possibility.

Fun times! Halloween is truly full of horror this year, but it’s communities like ours that are here to support one another in times of sorrow, fear, and heartache.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Hannah