Why Is Democracy a Spiritual Matter for Religious Liberals?

What a week.  Another inexcusable police shooting of a black person, this time in Kenosha, WI. And major sports teams opting out of playing their games in protest.  Police tossing water bottles to armed white “militias” saying, “thanks guys, we really appreciate you,” as if they’re on the same team.  Could we be steps away from civil war?

When the Republicans talk about “Law & Order” it sounds like code for white supremacist autocracy, just like Nixon.

This is why we must courageously discover, explore, and implement active resistance and fight to keep our toe-hold on democracy in place.  That toe-hold will become a foot, then a leg . . .

This is a matter of our spiritual integrity because religious liberals above all value the truth. We value equality and justice, while agonizing over our awful predicament that we are no longer ruled by the people and for the people.  We must courageously admit that we have been complacent while others’ liberties and very lives are torn asunder.  We have a moral obligation to do something about it, to chip away at a behemoth of hate and callous indifference to the suffering of our fellow countrymen:  the poor, the racially excluded, the immigrants, the children. 

We will jump in with both feet this Sunday, as we determine what role we each can play.  Masha Gessen’s “Surviving Autocracy” provides something of a roadmap.  Forrest Church’s “The American Creed” sets the tone for why democracy is a spiritual matter for Unitarian Universalists. 

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See you in church!

Rev. Hannah