Every Tomorrow is Juneteenth.

Check out this short, powerful YouTube video, of a young black man sharing his mother’s unwritten rules . . .
Until black Americans are not afraid to interact in public, lest they make a mistake that lands them abused or killed by police;
Until police are trained to never shoot anyone in the back;
Until police are trained to not cut off the air-supply of anyone in their custody, or face charges;
Until police don’t break down an apartment door to kill a black woman in her bed;
Until black men can jog in their neighborhood without fearing a vigilante white mob might kill them;
Until the prison industrial complex doesn’t make money off black people anymore;
Until financial resources reform shoddy public education for black children and youth to the same quality white kids in the suburbs get;
Until we prioritize public dollars for better health outcomes for black Americans, including better housing;
Until we change the conditions of environmental racism, and de-pollute black neighborhoods;
Until all are free of the chains of white supremacy,
Every tomorrow is Juneteenth – until the vestiges of slavery are all uprooted, we cannot with a conscience say slavery has ended in America.

. . . now watch this.

Rev. Hannah