What Brings You Joy?

That’s a loaded question, isn’t it?

You might answer it sheepishly, like binge-watching TV (if the show is good), or relaxing with a few drinks (if you’re a drinker), or using medicinal marijuana (if you have any), or sex (if available). Then there’s taking early morning or sunset walks in your neighborhood, gardening, dancing in your living room, Zooming with friends and family, long talks on the phone. Pigging out. Ripping open deliveries from Amazon.

What brings you joy? If you’d like to share some good examples with me, I’d be glad to share them this Sunday. One of our Rapid Response Team members said recently that, in the time of Corona, one of the best things we can do to create community is to share knowledge with each another. We are stronger together when we are sharing uplifting hobbies, regimens, recipes, sharing . . . green drinks!

Consider attending the fun event being put on by our Sustainability Ministry this Friday, May 15. It’s a Happy Hour at 5:30 PM on Zoom. Bring your “green drink” (can be either green in color or “green” by using sustainable/environmental practices) and chill with green-minded folks. More information can be found here.

Speaking of green, pledge cards for our 2020-21 Annual Fund Drive are due May 15. This will help us plan our budget for next year, which as you may imagine, will involve lots of belt-tightening. But the church is committed to rising to this moment and provide as many community-building opportunities as possible, pastoral support in these emotionally trying times, inspiring and comforting worship, and turn-key ways to make a difference in our local community to help ease the Covid siege.

You can find our online pledge card here.

We are so appreciative of your financial support. We can’t exist without it. Never has beloved community been more important in our lives. It certainly brings me joy to connect with each of you and facilitate heart-felt connections within our various social groups.

We will survive! And darn it, we will also thrive. The joy of this moment will be in all the ways we unexpectedly grow closer as a community, determined to love in the time of Corona.

See you Sunday!

Rev. Hannah