Our Hearts Go Out to New York City

My heart broke today when I heard Mayor Cuomo of New York City begging the nurses and health professionals to come help out if the epidemic was not too acute in their home region or city. It feels like when there is a really bad forest fire and firefighters are flown in from other states, and even other countries. Our hearts go out to all who answer this call with courage and sacrifice.

How do we cope with the feelings of powerlessness? We must awaken to the good we can do now, in the present moment. Even if it’s just completing a simple task or making a meal. Reaching out to someone who might be isolated, bored, lonely, or all of the above. Taking walks are a good idea, with the proper protection of course, especially as our weather gives us a reprieve and we can see how much beauty the rains have brought our more tranquil outdoor areas.

For our part at the UU Church of Studio City, I’m so glad there will be two opportunities to give blood in the coming weeks. Please check our enewsletter or our News and Events page on our web site for details. We are also trying our best to upgrade our capacity to outreach to more people who need a community like ours right now, for vital social connection, service, and inspiration. Speaking of needing help, we are forming a team of volunteers with social media or tech skills to aid us with multiple streaming platforms for sharing our programs and worship services. We’d love to add you to our growing team! Please reach out to me at revhannahp@gmail.com if you are interested.

I am taking a break from the home-bound pulpit this Sunday and so glad that our wonderful Director of Religious Exploration, Jason Taksony Hewitt, will be leading our service for Earth Day weekend this Sunday. Jason’s appreciation of the natural world with poets like Robinson Jeffers is sure to strike a gentle chord in these tumultuous times. I look forward to rejoining you April 26, for the service, “Love in the Time of Corona.”

Happy Earth Day!