Free Your Mind . . . And Your Ass Will Follow

Our Worship Theme of the Month for April is LIBERATION. Ironic, considering many of us feel anything but liberated at this time. But it’s referring to the major Jewish and Christian holidays in April. For Jews, Passover is about liberation from slavery. For Christians, Easter is about liberation from sin. (For Easter, the title of my sermon is: “Liberation From Sin: Do We Care?”).

For anyone, regardless of faith traditions, 2020 is about liberation from the Corona virus. Who knows when that will happen, but it better happen in 2020, because there is a lot of 2020 left! Who knows when the world will be free of it . . . and so, we must think of other ways to be free.

Last Sunday I preached about hymns of home, or those songs, melodies, and activities that help get us through these home-bound days. I highly recommend cranking up the stereo and dancing your ass off! I’m a music freak and I collect Funkadelic and Parliament albums, a la George Clinton. His 1970 album is called, “Free Your Mind . . . And Your Ass Will Follow.”

This was, incidentally, also the tagline for my college’s underground newspaper, although I don’t remember the actual title. Once the editors graduated, I took over with my own underground newspaper called “The Underdog.” (“Cornhole” was also a title under consideration, but I digress).

The point being here that we’re all going to need to be creative when it comes to experiencing some measure of authentic liberation during the pandemic. I will expound on this on Sunday, but that’s the hint: free your mind and your ass will surely follow!

See you Sunday . . .