In Appreciation: Donna Mae Pitluck (1928-2019)

Donna Mae Pitluck, a beloved member of UUCSC for 52 years, died on Sunday, October 6, 2019. She will be sorely missed.  Donna Mae was 91 years old. Please join us for “Celebration of Life” on Saturday, November 2 at 11:00 AM in the UUCSC Sanctuary.

Professionally, Donna Mae was Head Librarian at Los Angeles Mission College from 1975 to 1994. Spiritually, Donna Mae’s participation in events at UUCSC was central to her life and to the life of the church. She was a hostess par excellence, organizing and overseeing the kitchen and numerous potlucks and concert receptions.

The 2019 UUCSC Journal, publishing in print and online on October 20, was developed to honor Donna Mae and Stan Pitluck and also commemorates the 76th anniversary of the church’s founding.  Please read more about Donna Mae, Stan and their family in the Journal, as well as the numerous tributes from church members to this wonderful couple.

Below are some passages excerpted from the Journal:
“The Pitlucks have been members for so long (Donna Mae joined in 1967 and Stan a few years later), that I’m not sure whether the church gave them these qualities (that is, strength, integrity, humanity, and grace) or the Pitlucks gave the church these qualities. Either way, like their own partnership, our church and the Pitlucks are a perfect match.”  (From “The People Make the Church” by Rev. Hannah Petrie.)

“. . . Most Sunday mornings, Donna Mae Pitluck is in the church kitchen at 9:00 AM, supervising, empowering, and otherwise fussing over the volunteers who run the regular coffee service and whatever special event may be scheduled that afternoon or evening.” 

“Donna Mae is the head of the Kitchen Committee, which has made the kitchen a model of efficiency. Groups that use the kitchen benefit from the rules and procedures that keep the space clean and available for use.”

“She is a gourmet cook and logophile (lover of words), enjoying a career in Information Sciences before retiring as head librarian at Mission College. So it makes sense that she volunteers her time here in the areas of education and the culinary arts.”

“She has served as Religious Exploration Director (with 50 kids in the program), RE teacher, and personal mentor to numerous young women.”

“Donna Mae led the church’s Adopt a Child Abuse Caseworker Program from 2002-2013, supporting an overworked Los Angeles social worker with supplies, gifts, and emotional backup. In the food department, Donna Mae has initiated, led, and contributed to diverse projects, including High Teas, specialty dinners, wine and cheese soirees, bake sales, and cookbooks.” (From “We’re each other’s best friend.” Honoring Donna Mae and Stan Pitluck.)