Whose Are You? Where Do You Belong?

This is a loaded topic! There are so many layers of belonging: to our families, our communities, our religious traditions. Belonging to society at large – if we’re different, will we be accepted, so we can belong? And most importantly, what about belonging to ourselves? How at home within ourselves do we feel, so we can be our best, our most content?

We’ll be doing several things this Sunday. One is a ritual that I’ve entirely made up in honor of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Last week we were honored to have both a professional cantor and Shofar blower as part of our service. Now I’m going rogue! What must we atone for in the past 12 months, so that we can be free of it, and have peace? We’re going to write these things down on paper that melts in water, to symbolize that we are worthy of being forgiven, we are worthy of a clean slate – especially if we have done all we can to actively right our wrongs.

Be quick! It’s only Thursday so you have time to reach out to the people who need an amends from you. These may even be the same people to which you belong, and with whom you long to be in a right relationship.

Belonging, atonement and forgiveness are rich topics! I suspect we don’t truly feel we belong, unless we believe we are worthy of belonging, worthy of being human, making fuck-ups, and yes . . . being absolved of those fuck-ups, being forgiven. As religious liberals we also believe that all of the above requires action, and embody our values in how we make decisions, choices, and live day to day.

And what we do to help others belong to us.

See you Sunday!

Rev. Hannah