Tech Series Continues!

I’m looking forward to hearing incoming UUCSC Board President Jon Bassinger-Flores’ contribution to exploring the digital age’s effect on us with his sermon this Sunday, “Technology Toward Wholeness.”  Last Sunday I delineated my personal wariness of social media and especially my concerns about how it affects the life skills (such as in-person conversation and eye contact) of young people, our teenagers and young adults.  Jon has worked off and on with youth at our church and also works with college students at USC.  I hope he can ease my concerns as I raise my 7 and 9 year olds.

I’m grateful to serve an institution that offers our young people and adults programs to exercise our in-person interactions, such as small group ministry and committee work, like our Caring, Buildings & Grounds, Religious Exploration, and Stewardship teams.  Adults need opportunities to act as in-person leaders in our society as well.  If you would like to become a lay-leader at UUCSC, I am always available to discuss the possibilities.

That is my current comfort zone, but to stretch my growth and understanding of our world as it is, I am learning how to navigate Virtual Communities as well, which is an initiative we have just launched.  Once a month, we will offer in-person instruction for folks wanting to improve their knowledge of how to use social media platforms and make use of our church accounts to post relevant information, links, and images related to areas of church life such as social justice, service opportunities in our larger community, adult religious exploration opportunities, and membership groups like our book club and men’s group.  Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

If you want to post, please view our new on-line communications request form here, to submit material for our various platforms.  You can find it as the last item under the “Connect” menu option at the top of our homepage.

Together, the UU Church of Studio City can help more people find us: this warm and caring community that strives to bring greater spiritual and emotional wholeness and transformation to our living.  Let us not navel-gaze inward, but stretch our arms outside to a world hungering for authentic connection.

See you in church!

– Rev. Hannah