Live the Dream!

I am so looking forward to hearing one of our favorite guest speakers this Sunday – Michael Eselun always inspires and touches our hearts.  I’m also looking forward to getting this much closer to meeting our Dream Budget with the “Live the Dream!” mini-fundraising campaign!

In June of 2018, we passed a Dream Budget for our current fiscal year that began July 1.  Even though it was $70 K unfunded, the congregation voted to pass it because we had faith we could meet the challenge.  After all, our institution is a beacon of hope in a world where it feels like our values are being attacked everyday in the current cultural/political climate.  All the time, we are finding more ways to counter values of hate and exclusion with values of compassion and equality.

We knew the Dream Budget was a stretch, and well, welcome to the stretch!  We are working to meet our budget gap with a matching funds campaign that aims to raise $30 K, in advance of our Annual Fund Drive that raises pledges for next fiscal year, to commence at the end of April.  The “Live the Dream!” fund-raising campaign runs this Sunday, and next, March 24 and 31.  We will share the results April 7.

Thank you so much to those who have donated already to our funds to be matched.  Our financial leaders are indeed the backbone of all we are able to do the UU Church of Studio City.  And thank you in advance to all of you who will rise to the challenge of meeting that match.  How wonderful that all monies given in the new few weeks will be doubled!  Please don’t forget your checkbooks or credit/debit cards this Sunday.

UUCSC is double-blessed, as am I, your intrepid Minister.  For next year, we will pass a more realistic budget, building and growing ourselves steadily month by month, until the Dream Budget is no longer a dream to stretch for, but a reality to live into.

See you in church!

– Rev. Hannah