What You Can Do to Address Homelessness in NoHo

During this very wet time in LA, our hearts go out to the thousands of homeless that are outside in the elements bearing the brunt of it.  Some good news is that member Terry Hassman has an update about how we can help in her guest blog . . .

Helping the Homeless in Your Own Neighborhood
New Homeless Drop-in Center Opens Monday, March 11

Do you want to feel good and also help other folks? There is a wonderful service opportunity in our own neighborhood at the NoHo Home Alliance, located at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in North Hollywood. UUCSC is partnering with St. Matthew’s to provide services to the homeless folks in our neighborhood. The NoHo Home Alliance is a drop-in center for the homeless.  It’s been in operation for three years, opening its doors every Wednesday morning from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The center provides a hearty hot breakfast and lunch, as well as a paper-bag dinner. In addition, homeless folks can get medical referrals, help with housing, hot showers, clothing, and lots of love.

The NoHo Home Alliance is a warm, friendly inviting place with comfortable chairs and tables, a fireplace, and even a movie every week.

With the success of the Wednesday morning program, NoHo Home Alliance is opening an additional Monday program, beginning Monday, March 11. Several of our UUCSC members have already been dropping in to help. For example, Steffi Prather and Alexis Rodriguez have been giving chair massages to folks. John Garrett has been helping with the mail and the showers, and Terry Hassman has been serving breakfasts. If you donated items to the “Blessing Bags” (hygiene kits) you have helped, too. Members of one of our Chalice Circles helped assemble these bags, which are now being given to the homeless folks.

How can YOU help? You can drop by on Monday mornings to offer your assistance in a variety of ways, including serving breakfast and lunch; sorting donated clothes; helping with the showers; sorting mail; helping orient newcomers; cooking meals; washing dishes; and many other services. Plus, you’ll get to meet both the homeless folks and the other volunteers. You will realize that we are all members of the human family.

You’ll be amazed at how good you feel when you’re working at the NoHo Home Alliance. You’ll know for certain that you’ve improved the lives of many needy people, and leave with a wonderful glow that lasts for hours.

For more information, go to http://nohohome.org/volunteer/.  You may also contact Terry Hassman, tmhassman@aol.com.