Hope in a Crisis of Leadership

As we enter deeper into what looks like will be longest government shut-down in history, it’s hard not to see the reality of a crisis of leadership in our country.  It makes one feel helpless to do anything about it.  What is the up side of this, if there could be one?  What leadership still functions and soldiers on?

I find some measure of hope in standing up against this wall.  That there should be no wall, beyond the obvious reasons that it would provide no meaningful border security.  There is hope for the ideals that we believe do legitimately guide a nation:  that we are one body of immigrants, most of us, with no actual walls that shall prevent us from belonging here.

That we are leaders when we point out this deeper reality, and say no, we are not a people of division.  We are a people who strive for unity, equity and fairness in human relations.  And that the wages of this unique freedom are not walls, but having the courage to lead ourselves to transcend them.

It’s seems to be the human predicament to disagree to the point where we must create chaos and dissent among ourselves.  It has been so down through the ages.  So we pray for the voices of reason to prevail in this instance.  And we pray the costs for doing so don’t do as much harm as we fear they are.

I think of the millions of quiet and anonymous leaders, doing their best to repair what is broken as it breaks:  the mothers and fathers, the elders, the sisters and brothers and found family that soothe the anxiety of the vulnerable ones they are charged to protect.  How they too, refuse to erect walls between the people they love, and instead offer resilience and the timeless incantation we must have faith in:  that this too shall pass.

It shall be so.

Rev. Hannah