October 28 Religious Exploration Resources

This week, Jon Bassinger-Flores did the Time for All Ages, which was Dia de Los Muertos by Roseanne Greenfield Thong, which you can see here.
We looked to build on the elemental theme we’ve already explored with the water communion and water offerings by here turning our attention to fire. We have recently discussed the origins of the flaming chalice as a UU symbol, and we can look to the Day of the Dead traditions to help us think more about this.
Specifically, we can look at the idea of Day of the Dead candles as an opportunity to think about Day of the Dead altars and the role fire and warmth can play as metaphors in our spiritual lives. Kids who attended the 75th Anniversary Gala saw Coco and had pan de muerto (aka dead bread). In the midst of all this, we alluded to Spanish and Anglo colonial history and its relation to fusing Christian and indigenous influences.
  • Day of the Dead: 12345*

*Note that 2 explains the relationship between dogs and candles and 3 includes a Teacher’s Guide