October 21 Religious Exploration Resources

This week, we worked to help the children and youth think over everything we’ve talked about in the last few weeks and think about all the different types of justice there are to consider. For example: social justice, food justice, environmental justice, religious justice, distributive justice, racial/ethnic justice, gender/sex/sexuality justice, occupational justice, disability justice, neurodiversity justice, cognitive justice, immigration justice, etc.
We spent time with the kids brainstorming all the types they can think of. Then, building on the idea of extending circles of compassion, thought about things that we can do as UUs and as citizens and as people to help realize just communities in light of these various kinds of justice. We asked also what do these have to do with our seven principles?
We held up the example of Dorothea Dix in this conversation. The idea was to discuss hearing/listening to the other and acknowledging and supporting their needs. We made sure to leave open the opportunity for the kids to talk about  any gaps in our own community they see. For example, do we do a good job of supporting the differently abled? Could a deaf person attend and participate in our community? We lightly touched on the concept of people-first language. (See also here and here.)
The Time for All Ages was Viva Frida, which you can see here.
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