October 7 Religious Exploration Resources

In this coming month, we’ll continue and wrap up our first phase of the year. The general theme for the month is the idea of Sanctuary, which, for our purposes, we will also take to include the idea of acknowledging the other. This builds on last month’s idea of “hearing/listening” and the work we’ve been doing on covenant. We are in the middle of Mexican Heritage Month, which runs through October 15th.
October 7th
This week, we focused on the idea of acknowledging the difficulties and struggles of others and offering proactive aid. We introduced the kids to the idea of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, and we told them about social justice work in our own community–for example, the work of Antoinette’s Social Justice Committee, the Gun Violence Prevention Committee, etc. We also talked about the UUA’s relationship to Mijente. In addition, we took the opportunity to explain the history of the Sharps, as well as their work’s relationship to the Chalice as a UU symbol.
The Time for All Ages was Have You Filled a Bucket Today, which you can see here.
Additional references:
  • UUSC: 12
  • The Sharps: 1234  (Note that the movie described in 1 is available on Netflix and Amazon currently)