September 23 Religious Exploration Resources

On this day, we focused on extending the understanding from last week. This meant, firstly, completing the covenants the different rooms worked on. We also worked to extend the idea of covenant to the idea of active, intentional listening.

For the Big Room, the Toolbox of Faith curriculum we’ve used in the past offers some activities that can help communicate the idea experientially. We also continued to work on the “card stock quilt,” which was initiated last week. We’ll post more about that in the near future.

In both the Big Room and the Turning Tides Room, we can point to the example of James Luther Adams. In invoking his example, we also looked to describe how last week and this week are part of nonviolent communication, which is an important practice for those who seek just communities.

I’ve included some information about John Luther Adams by way of the links below: