We Are Just Getting Started

Please welcome guest blogger, lay leader and Social Justice Council Chair, Antoinette Scully!

I was drawn to the Unitarian Universalist faith because of their commitment to justice. I didn’t have to roam far to find UU Studio City. In my seven years here, I’ve been the committee chair for Religious Exploration (RE), volunteered in the classrooms, taught the sex-ed program Our Whole Lives, and have attended many family events. But now my role here is slightly different as the new chair for our revamped Social Justice Council.

UUCSC has a long history of social action around building a strong community. This year we will focus on Racial Justice. I like to think of it as starting with ourselves. And you’ll find that underneath the fight for racial equality, issues such as economic justice, housing issues, worker’s and women’s rights are all elevated when we work to bring equity to Black and Brown people.

Because right now, the world feels like it’s in utter chaos. It is overwhelming and at every turn, some new and terrifying event proves to plunge us deeper into despair. Men and women killed by state-sanctioned gun violence here in the United States. Or the thousands of people held in immigration detention centers across the country. Families separated at the border with little hope of being reunited. Homelessness growing at an alarming rate.

But as Unitarian Universalist, we will not be deterred or turn a blind eye. We march and protest. We call our representatives and signs petitions. We make kits for the homeless and attend community meetings on how to do more. Because for UU, we are a faith of justice seekers.

Join us. I want to start by inviting you to join me and our new settled minister to our first planning meeting. On July 29th at 11:30 am (right after service), we will be discussing the direction of social justice here at UUCSC. All input is welcomed as we put our plans and volunteers in place for the coming months. Bring your questions, calendars, and friends. Hope to see you there.

– Antoinette Scully