Upcoming Services
Sundays at 10:00 AM


July 1
Terry Hassman-Paulin

Wednesdays with Claude

Terry will share her journey as a hospice volunteer companion.  She'll describe the perceptions and understandings she's derived as she and her severely disabled patient spend two hours together each week exploring the mysteries of life and death. Terry Hassman-Paulin is a member of UUCSC and has been a Unitarian Universalist 20 years.  She is the first of our six "Preachers in You,"  trained Lay Preachers who will preach through August 5th.

July 8
David Brown

Set That Baggage Down

We carry life’s experiences around with us wherever we go. Some of them can weigh us down. This sermon explores the spirituality of letting go. David Brown, a UUCSC member, is a lawyer, wedding officiant, and wine-lover who looks for insights into life and words to live by from song lyrics.


July 15 
Steffi Prather

Why Is It Hard to Talk About God?

The word God can make religious liberals squirm, but why is this so?
Steffi Prather is a long-time member of UUCSC and is often seen volunteering with the kitchen.

July 23
Bill Weber

More Ministering, Less Doing

Bill Weber has a vision of all of us ministering to one another as a dynamic religious community: a living, breathing super-organism that focuses on our service and blessings to the world, rather than a list of accomplishments.  What does he mean?
While Bill Weber has been a member of UUCSC for less than a year, he has generously given his talent and time to the Membership Chair position and leading our new Men's Group.

July 30
Brian Bielanski

What's a UU?

What do you say when you tell someone you are a Unitarian Universalist and they give you that look like you have three heads? It's sometimes hard to find a simple way to explain what we are and why we love being UUs, so join us as we try coming up with our elevator pitches. Brian Bielanski and his family have been members of UUCSC for several years.  Brian serves as Vice-President on our Board of Trustees.