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April 29
Jon Bassinger-Flores

Listen to Your Mother!

Almost all of us grew up hearing advice from our mothers and/or
fathers. We also overheard or eavesdropped on many conversations
between our parents and other folks. Some of these conversations and
lessons we retained and even integrated into our adult lives. Others
we jettisoned as old fashioned, useless, or just plain unwanted. But
what about Mother Earth? Did you take note about what She was telling
you as a child? Have you stopped to listen to what she's saying now?
Let's explore the Earth's voice, and what She might be saying to us

May 6
Emily Van Cise

Some Place Like Home

What are we missing out on when people are not given what they need to live their fullest lives?  There are thousands of people living on the streets in this country, each one with a story to tell. We will look at the ways we can honor the worth and dignity of people living without permanent housing, people who are often forgotten. 

Emily Van Cise is a life-long UU.  She grew up in Temple City, CA.  After living in Portland, OR for several years, she is back in the area, and earning a Master of Divinity at Meadville Lombard Theological School.  After graduating, Emily will pursue chaplaincy within the prison system or the homeless population. 


May 13
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Me Too on Mothers' Day  

It’s time to preach this sermon! I admit I’ve been avoiding the topic because it makes me so enraged, but this Mothers’ Day is an opportunity to reflect on how millennia of misogyny has affected motherhood, womanhood and wifedom. “Down Girl” by feminist philosopher Kate Mann, published last year, will be one of the texts. Also, we will have a New Member Ceremony to welcome four wonderful men as members of the UU Church of Studio City congregation.

May 20
Antoinette Scully and Rev. Hannah Petrie

Racial Justice Sunday

Antoinette Scully, our new Social Justice Chair, will share her experiences of being a black woman in a mostly white church, and what it's like to be part of an inter-racial family.  Rev. Hannah will introduce our exciting plans to form a Task Force that coordinates events and learning opportunities for countering racism and oppression.