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Sundays at 10:00 AM


April 1
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Easter Sunday

At UUCSC we do the Easter Hunt a little differently.  Instead of hunting for plastic eggs, we look for canned goods as a creative way to fill our local food bank's shelves.  Jesus said a lot of things, but he acted in service to the poor, and our Easter tradition honors this great teaching of the "reason for the season."  Our Easter sermon this year explores which Easter story we like best, and the timeless themes of death and rebirth, parent and child, holding on and letting go. 

April 8
Rev. Hannah Petrie

El Rio Abajo El Rio

"The river beneath the river" is a concept threaded throughout Clarissa Pinkola Estes' landmark work, Women Who Run with the Wolves.  It refers to the waters that are always running beneath the river we see and on which we travel.  This hidden river needs its waters to run clearly and freely, for it feeds the head-waters of our souls. 

April 15
David Brown

Stars Among the Darkness 

UUCSC member David Brown will share his inspiring reflections about his experiences during his two months as a FEMA volunteer after the hurricane in Florida last autumn. 

April 22
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Earth Day Series Part I:  "The Secret Life of Trees"

This is the first of two Sunday services with an Earth Day theme.  We will explore the innate intelligence of roots, and how trees (even of different species) thrive when their roots stick together, supported by a vibrant interdependent foundation. Hmmm – that sounds a lot like us! Let us celebrate our commonality with trees as we also mark the conclusion of our Annual Fund Drive, “75 and Going Strong!” A delicious Brunch at Social Hour to follow this Celebration Sunday!