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Sundays at 10:00 AM


February 4
Rev. Sarah Schurr

The Call

People talk about calling a minister to serve them, but what does that mean? Is that the same as hiring a minister? How is a call different from an employment contract? Rev. Sarah Schurr, from the Pacific Western Region of the UUA, will help unpack what a call can mean for a congregation like ours.

February 11
Rev. Hannah Petrie, Terry Hassman, Bill Weber, & New Members of UUCSC

New to UU Day

Aka, Bring a Friend to Church Day!  Let's see if this could be an annual event, when one Sunday morning we make our worship service as accessible as possible to newcomers, narrating each element as a docent might - illuminating why we do what do, and there are no stupid questions.  The service includes a New Member Ceremony and testimonials of proud UUs in our community.  After the service, stay for free luncheon, a short program, and Q & A. 

February 18 
Visiting Minister

A Viking's Happiness

We are pleased to welcome a visiting UU minister to our pulpit!  
Happiness for many is elusive, and often requires great perseverance to achieve. Journey with us into world religious traditions and the success of the Danish as we explore internal happiness for ourselves. 

February 25
Michael Eselun

"No Justice, No Peace!"

We are used to hearing this chant of protest--  as a demand for justice.  Pursuit of justice is a core UU Principle, and yet we’ve also heard since childhood that “no one said life is fair.”   When such injustice hits closer to home—like say, a diagnosis of cancer, how do we find peace when there seems to be no justice?  UCLA oncology chaplain, Michael Eselun, will explore this territory.