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December 3
Rev. Hannah Petrie

The Power of Advent

There are a lot of ideas of how we should feel this time of the year, leading up to Christmas.  But what are the spiritual opportunities of the season?  This Holiday Season of 2017 appears to be Hanukkah/Solstice/Christmas/Eid etc. of the WOMAN!  The little-known Book of Mary of Magdalene will serve as inspiration.

December 10
Rev. Hannah Petrie

Spirituality of Joy

'Tis the season for Bacchus (debauchery), merriment, and party galore. But what in particular is the substance of joy this time of year that Jesus, the "reason for the season," offers to us, hang-over free and always free of charge?

December 17
Rev. Hannah Petrie

O Young and Fearless Prophet

This Sunday's service serves as inspirational preamble to our 4th annual march of witness that observes the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut in 2012.  What would Jesus do and say in this era of mass-shootings and domestic terror?

December 24 
Jon Bassinger-Flores

Christmas Eve Morning